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Summer Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks – DaVinci Bridal Blog

Wedding dress models always look perfect, but that’s because they know & use these amazing, helpful & easy Summer Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks.

You know you’ll look & feel beautiful on your wedding day. But you’ll be nervous & excited, plus the heat of the weather can get to you.

Even the prettiest faces on the calmest brides need at least a little help to look lovely, so we’ve collected the best tips we could find just for you!


Summer Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks: No Thick Layers 

Source: Polka Dot Bride


You don’t need to lay it on thick for a warm-weather wedding. Because while you want your makeup to last all day and into the evening, you won’t be judged harshly if your blush fades a bit or your lipstick wears off.

Those are just perfect excuses to “powder your nose” and taking a minute to catch your breath with your bridesmaids & female friends.

But we also want you to feel fabulous when you look in the mirror so we’ve collected a few professional makeup tips you can try. (Just please don’t use all of them all at once!)


Source: Pinterest


Always Use a Primer

A good primer hydrates and smooths your skin to make a better “blank canvas” for your makeup—kind of like using a base coat on your nails. If you want to give primer a try, here’s what it can do:

  • Combats shine and smooths an uneven surface
  • Hides more imperfections than regular makeup

You’ll find primers as powder, cream or gel. Also, different formulas do different things for your skin, so do a little research at your local upscale beauty counter.

Tip: Work the primer into your skin with your fingertips to get thorough coverage and an even surface



Summer Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks: Wear Your Usual Foundation, but …

Source: Instyle.com


Wear a slightly darker shade

You can even mix a little of the darker shade with your regular foundation color. Cream foundation and cream pancake offer more coverage (but go easy!)

Important Tip: Stick to the same brand! Else you risk breakouts or, if you mix the colors, they may break down on your face.


Use Foundation on Your Eyelids

Just like primer helps canvas your face, foundation creates a canvas for your eyelids. It also helps your shadow stand out more and helps it stick to your skin. Here are 3 important tips:

  1. Don’t get the foundation in your eyes! Use your fingers or a small brush.
  2. Be sure to buff between your eye foundation and your face
  3. If you’re wearing a slightly darker foundation on your face, use your regular color on your lids. You want your eyelids to be lighter anyway to make your eyes “pop.”


 Always Apply Products with a Brush or Sponge

Qivange Makeup Brushes & Sponges (to Buy, click HERE)

Makeup artists disagree on which tool works best on each different foundation formula. Some insist on a sponge for cream or liquid application. Others like a brush better, even for liquid.

They also argue whether you should blend with a brush or blend with a sponge, so in this case, it’s up to you! Try each and see which you like best.


Just for Today, Wear One More Layer: Pressed Foundation Powder

For a video tutorial on how to use pressed powder, Click HERE or on the image above.


You do not want to do this all the time, but if you feel you need super-good coverage, try it. After your primer and/or your cream or powder foundation, dust a little bit of pressed foundation powder all over. It’ll give you a lovely matte finish.

Tip: This extra layer helps with that “sticky” feeling, helps your foundation stick to your face, and helps your entire makeup job look more natural and less like “paint.”

Silly thought: First we tell you to use all these layers to create a “smooth blank canvas” then we tell you to make sure your makeup “doesn’t look like paint.” (This beauty business can be kind of crazy, can’t it?!)



Tips for Amazing Lashes: Layer Two Types of Mascara

Source: flickr

Different mascaras do different things. Some create volume while others create length. For a special occasion like your wedding when you really want to play up those lashes, use both.

  • Important tip: Just like using the same foundation brand if you’re going darker or mixing colors, use the same mascara brand, just in different formulas.


Lipstick All OverGloss Only in the Middle

For full instructions, Click HERE to go to Chikk.net

You’ll want to use lip liner and then apply lipstick all over your lips. But to contour your lips for a pretty pout, dab gloss only in the middle of your top and bottom lip.

  • Tip:For perfect control, don’t apply lipstick directly from the tube. Instead, use a lipstick brush. Look for a retractable brush with a cover to protect your pretty handbag. Avon makes a very nice one that’s also affordable:  CLICK HERE


Apply Highlighting Powder with a Large Fluffy Brush

Click HERE or on the image above to watch the YouTube video on blush & highlighter application

You want to use a big brush, but put very little powder on that brush! Here’s where to apply the highlighting powder:

  • Underneath the arch of your brows
  • Inner corners of your lids (use a smaller brush there perhaps)
  • Bridge of your nose between your eyes
  • Run it along the high points of your cheeks
  • Put a tiny bit on the Cupid’s Bow above your lips (here’s where that little brush comes in handy again!)

Tip: Always brush out and away, so you don’t get powder in your mouth or eyes.


For a Thinner Looking Nose, Use Bronzer

For complete Wikihow instructions, Click HERE or on the image above.

Go easy here, but you can use a small brush and run a little bronzer down each side of your nose to soften it.



Summer Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks: Specific Tips for Different Face Shapes

Source: Red Market


How could we leave you with all those good tips but not tell you how to use them on your own beautiful face shape? Not us!

Square Face

  • Soften your angles with highlighter under your eyes, the tip of your nose, end of your chin, and center of your forehead
  • Concentrate smoky eye color on the outer corner of your eye
  • Use a lighter shade on the inner corner of your eye
  • Try a dark liner on your waterline


Round Face

  • Don’t put blush on the apples of your cheeks (it’ll make your face look even fuller)
  • Do put blush across the top of your cheekbones
  • Always sweep color in a downward direction


Heart Shape Face

  • Go very lightly with the contouring
  • Use a nude color palette, especially on cheeks and lips
  • Stick to matte shades, not shimmer
  • Wear fluttery lashes like a demi-strip on the outer corner of your upper lid—keep them light and fluttery, not heavy


Oval Face

  • Play up either eyes or lips—not both
  • Dust slightly shimmery bronzer along cheekbones and temples


Triangular Shape Face

  • Create width across your forehead with a paler foundation above your brows to your hairline
  • Create a dramatic eye with dark shadow (cat shape is great for you!)
  • Amp up your eyes with dark kohl liner


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