Things Brides Sometimes Forget

Top 10 Things Even the Best Brides Sometimes Forget

If you think brides are superwomen who have everything all set before their big day, think again!  Nobody is perfect, least of all a bride, but the little things that go wrong are almost always what makes every wedding memorable—so memorable that they serve as entertaining stories for your children and future grandkids.  But while “funny” makes for good memories, there are some slip-ups that can really mess up your day. We’ve collected the top 10 details most commonly forgotten even by the most organized bride. Take care of these, and you’ll have only wonderful memories of your big day!

Don’t Forget #1: Wear the Right Lingerie

When we say “lingerie” what we really mean is the right brassiere! Cute little things like panties and garter belts won’t make or break your look, but the wrong brassiere or corset will. Have a professional size you correctly, then choose a bra that’s both incredibly comfortable and works best with the style of your dress.  And when it comes to wedding brassieres, to be honest, they don’t have to be glamourous. They do need to support you correctly, work perfectly with your dress, and be

comfortable enough for a long day that includes plenty of dancing.

Don’t Forget #2: Include You & Your Groom in the Headcount

Make sure to put you and your groom at the top of the head count. Also, don’t forget your pro’s and vendors. Even if they have a different meal from your guests, your photographer, videographer, DJ and musicians will work hard for you. To forget to feed them is almost as bad as not paying them!

Don’t Forget #3: Pack Ahead for Your Honeymoon.

Once it’s the morning of your wedding day, there’s no turning back when it comes to packing.  Everything should be set so that after the wedding, you’ll be on your way to that much-awaited honeymoon.  Don’t put you or your groom in the position of having to run home to collect something you forgot. Make a thorough checklist and get your maid of honor and other assistants to help you triple check that luggage before you walk out the door to head for your ceremony.

Don’t Forget #4: Break in Your Shoes

Your wedding will involve a lot of standing and walking, so the first thing you should do once you purchase your shoes is to break them in.  Remind your bridesmaids, too, as they’ll also be busy running around after you the entire day!  

Tip: If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, wear wedges.  It’s the best option for a garden, field or the beach because you get the height of a heel but with a flat sole that won’t sink in and possibly get stuck.

Don’t Forget #5: Take a Robe for Makeup Time

Don’t forget to wear a robe or a button down top, else you can ruin your look by pulling a shirt over your head.  Many brides provide pretty tops or matching robes for herself and her girls which look amazing during photo shoots!

Don’t Forget #6: Emergency Kit & Makeup Touch-up

Always put your emergency kit in a small pouch and make it decorative or otherwise attractive.  That makes it nicer for your sister, mom or maid of honor to tote everything around.  Tuck your phone, lipstick, liner or mascara, tissue and other touch-up essentials in a pretty bridal handbag or dressy clutch.  Most importantly, make sure these two crucial items are not left at home or in the hotel room!

Tip: For some great ideas on cute wedding handbags and totes, check out our blog. 5 Ultra Unique Wedding Handbag Ideas

Don’t Forget #7: Drink Enough Water During your Wedding

Your wedding will be one very long day so keep a small bottle of water always at the ready and ask your ladies to remind you to drink up from time to time.

Important tip: At the reception, however much champagne and other drinks that you enjoy, make sure to drink an equal amount of plain water, so you don’t become dehydrated and end up with a headache on your wedding night or honeymoon flight.

Don’t Forget #8: Your Marriage License!

Your license is what makes your wedding legit so don’t forget it.  Many brides overlook this one because they’re so stressed with the dress and other details of the wedding.  Make sure to double check the jurisdiction of your ceremony location and pay attention to deadlines for submitting the license.  Then assign a helper—your maid of honor or maybe even your mom or dad—to hang onto this important document so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  

Don’t Forget #9: Appoint a Post-Wedding Helper

If you’re leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding, make sure you have someone to take your dress to the cleaners, make sure the tuxedos are returned, and get your gifts safely to your home or other secure location.  

Tip: Don’t forget the top layer of your wedding cake! Ask your post-wedding helper to double check with the baker regarding how to wrap and freeze that precious layer for you.

Don’t Forget#10: Charge Your Electronics

While you don’t want to be married to your phone on the day you’re getting married to your groom, you’ll still need to stay in touch with your maid of honor and/or wedding coordinator. Make sure you charge your phone the night before and triple check that all chargers for electronics go into your luggage. The last thing you want is to be stuck with dead batteries on your phones, camera or laptop that you plan to take with you.

Every single memory counts on this special day and that romantic honeymoon, so make sure your electronics are as charged up as you are so they’ll capture every single one of those precious wedding day moments!

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