Wedding Day Disasters
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There’s no foolproof way to have a wedding day with zero disasters but our 7 Wedding Day Disasters Best Survival Guide can help! With so much depending on people—including our favorite unpredictable friend, Mother Nature—no matter how well you plan, you should still plan on something going wrong. Whether it’s an important part of your day, or aContinue reading

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Halloween isn’t just for kids, and our 5-Step Easy Last-Minute Halloween Party Guide is perfect for everybody. (Make it kid-friendly with non-spiked punch.) 5 steps is all it takes to throw a great Halloween bash on a moment’s notice. Check out these fast, simple and fun ideas that’ll make this year’s Halloween way more funContinue reading

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Considering one of the popular patriotic holiday naked wedding cakes for your wedding? With our selection of patriotic holiday naked wedding cakes to choose from, you can easily DIY fruit and flower decorations! You don’t need loads of buttercream icing or heavy fondant to make a statement! All patriotic holiday naked wedding cakes need are fresh berriesContinue reading

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12 Adorable Bridal Shower Towel Cake Ideas
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Bridal shower towel cakes are perfect DIY gifts. They’re easy to make, super-practical, and the bride will love hers so much, she might not want to take it apart to use it! (So take plenty of pictures!) You can choose the “flavor” of your bridal shower towel cakes (meaning the color of the towels) eitherContinue reading

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