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17 Wedding Ideas for Your 2017 Wedding – DaVinci Bridal Blog

Weddings are rich with tradition, and in some ways, they’re all the same:

Two people pledging their love and loyalty in front of the people who love them the most.

But the way those traditions are carried out—everything from the ceremony to the cake to the dinner and the send-off—those change all the time, and 2017 is no exception.

So in keeping with tradition, we are delighted to present to you 17 of the hottest trends for weddings in, well, ’17!

  1. Color of the Year: Green

Emerald and Gold Wedding Colour for Vintage Wedding Theme | fabmood.com
According to Pantone, the color for 2017 is green especially weddings. That means greenery rules to the point that you can skip the pricey flowers if you want to. Think of bouquets and boutonnieres of mixed greens and ferns for venue arrangements. And just imagine hot shots of color like your green wedding shoes or your groom’s green silk tie!

  • Tip: Add depth and sparkle by mixing in metallics like gold and neutrals like sepia.
  • Bonus: All this green is totally eco-friendly!
  1. Bring the Outside In

Right along with the green trend is decor that’s far more au naturel. Add potted trees to your venue, especially oversized trees or ferns for a grand ballroom. Incorporate nature’s decorations like stone and driftwood in every venue, large or small.

Choose seasonal greens like pine for winter and fresh leafy greens for warmer months, and ivy? Ivy is the all around go-to green for everything from decorating pews to cost-effective cascading bouquets to garlands down the center of your guest tables.

For the ultimate in outside, though, a wedding in the park or on the beach will never go out of style!

  1. Take Advantage of Technology

Projection Mapping on inside of tent:

One of the hottest trends is image mapping, also known as projection mapping. Wit it, you can transform your venue into a tropical jungle or an icy cavern. If your ceremony and venue are in the same space, change scenes to designate different elements of your celebration.

  • You won’t believe this: The image above was done in a tent!

If a full-out full room display is out of your budget, you can still do an amazing image map just on your cake.
5 Epic Wedding Cakes With Disney Images Projected Onto Them:

  1. Live Event Painting

Instead of a traditional photo booth (or in addition to one), couples are hiring local sketch artists to capture the moment in pen and ink (think caricatures at a carnival) or artists who work in watercolors to memorialize a specific scene as a grand work of art. Couples or families can sit for a quick pose, or everyone can watch the watercolor scene come to life throughout the reception.

Here’s a fabulous article on live painting: https://www.insideweddings.com/news/planning-design/what-is-live-event-painting-heres-everything-you-need-to-know/2502/

And to find this type of artist near you, type in a search for “live event artist” and then your state. You can also hire a student artist from a local university or art school.

  1. Unexpected Entertainment

Go beyond even a professional magic act—which is still unique if the magician is a good one—and hire an a capella group (think Glee and Pitch Perfect) to do a short concert. For a Cirque du Soleil feel, hire an aerialist. Or if yours is a black tie affair, hire musicians and dancers from a performing arts academy to present a number or two with classical music and dance—or if yours is a fun loving crowd…hip hop!

  • Totally Unforgettable Idea: A Silent Disco

Charlotte Mills Shoes, Sassi Holford and a Silent Disco (Weddings )

  • How it Works: You hire a “regular” DJ but instead of blasting tunes from speakers—which would be a serious problem if you want an outdoor bash, but your locale has a noise ordinance—your guests wear headphones, then dance and even sing along in relative quiet. Yours will be the unforgettable wedding of the century if you can pull this off!
  1. Flashy Getaways…or Entrances

Sparklers are lovely, but they’re starting to be a little bit “last year.” This year, consider making your getaway in a horse and buggy, or a motorcycle, or even a helicopter. Or make your entrance into your reception venue beyond amazing with a projection mapping extravaganza.

For a behind the scenes look and then some ideas of what you can have for your celebration, check out this amazing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VApzQ1h4z80

  1. Big Balloons

LOVE script Rose gold Mylar Balloons Party by SweetTeaPaper:

Giant balloons and mylar letters—whether hanging from garlands (or holding them up) to backdrops for fun but classy photos—balloons are definitely in. One of the most beautifully simple ways to use balloons is to blanket the ceiling of a tent or a smaller reception venue, either with or without long trailing ribbons in white or colors to match your theme.

  1. Wedding Circles & Cocktails

Some couples are changing the shape of their wedding aisle, placing seats so that theirs is a “wedding in the round.” Others aren’t waiting for after the vows to pop open the bubbly. This season you’ll see small tastes of champagne offered to guests as they mingle at the ceremony venue and sometimes even miniature butler-style hors d’oeuvres.

  1. Translucent Cakes

Elegant translucent wedding cakes. TheKnot.com

Also called “In-Between” this style cake isn’t completely frosted, but it’s not like previous seasons’ “naked cakes” either. The idea is to find a balance, and give your guests a “preview” of delicious things to come.

  1. Minimalist Table Settings

Just like in-between cakes, wedding dinner tables are toning it down. Goodbye, fussy tablecloths and fanciful swan-fold napkins. Hello, beautiful wood surfaces with flowing runners, simple greenery, and if the napkins are shaped at all, they’re either pulled through minimalist napkin rings or simply knotted loosely.

  1. Brides in Capes

sottero midgley wedding dress with cape:
Even if your wedding isn’t in the winter, don a little drama and add a softly flowing cape to your look. The cooler the weather, the heavier the fabric and the longer the look. But even in summer, you can wear a breezy lace or chiffon cape.

  • Here’s an Idea: A lightweight hooded cape can substitute for a veil!

How amazing is this cape! Like a game of thrones theme:

  1. ‘Maids in Metallics & Tulle

Sparkle isn’t just for evening anymore, and ball gowns aren’t just for brides. You’ll see fluffy tulle skirts on bridesmaids, paired either with a fancy formal top or a toned-down sweater. Detachable skirts are definitely in and are a “hot” look for destination weddings. Never mind the full-length “packable” wedding gown. Imagine yourself floating down that sandy aisle in a cloud of chiffon only to remove it to reveal a knee-length dress perfect for dancing.

  • Fashion Tip:

Metallic Maids
For ideas for gorgeous metallics for your wedding party, check out these dresses: http://www.davincibridal.com/blog/not-just-another-bridesmaid-dress-sequin-evening-gowns-for-your-attendants/

  1. Low-Maintenance Hair All Around

This year the lowest priority on the wedding look totem pole is fancy stay-put hair. “Messy” buns are stunning even with a formal gown. Just add a few sparkly pins or pearls and go—and if too many strands fall out of place during the day, tuck them back in with those pretty pins!

As for “beach waves” you’ll see them everywhere from on the beach to being the crowning glory of a glamourous long-haired bride.

  1. Honest Gift Registries

When it comes to your registry, don’t be afraid to ask for gifts you really want. Anything from a cash kitty to help you buy a home to season tickets at the local symphony or your hometown sports club, these days anything goes. You can always go with charitable contributions, but you can also ask for affordable “experience” packages like cooking lessons or a handful of movie passes.

Leave in all the classics you need and want—china, cookware, linens—but your guests will love to see originality, and many families may really get a kick out of giving you something truly original that they all can pitch in on.

Things to definitely ask for, depending on your lifestyle:

  • Complete luggage set
  • Killer vacuum cleaner (and if you’re into tiny houses—or at least a smaller living space—go for a high-level Dyson stick vacuum).
  • High-end outdoor grill and/or patio furniture
  • Fancy accent towels—fringe, monograms, the works! (No, you don’t “need” them but how gorgeous to have!)
  1. Wildly Custom Invitations


These days wedding invitations are going beyond “standout” to being almost frameable works of art. Foil stamp, plexiglass, glow in the dark ink—and the holographic vision featured above. (To see it, click here: https://blissandbone.com/custom-design#all&nicole-bill)

Then there are the custom watercolor invitations.
Custom Wedding venue watercolor painting, green and blush wedding invitation suite, custom watercolor wedding map, pennsylvania wedding, Wouldn't it be Lovely:

Thanks to today’s digital age, via Etsy and Instagram, you can find an artist you love and commission your own personal design.

  • Tip: Hire the same artist to design your invitations and wedding papers and do live drawings at the wedding as we mentioned above.
  1. DIY Guest Gift Lounge

Instead of stuffing individual gift bags, have a room with snacks, drinks, small sweets and small bags that your guests can stuff themselves. Include mini hand lotions, small soaps, and lay out weather-appropriate accessories like sunglasses. This is also a great place for some of those kitchy little favors like wedding date matchbooks and wedding bell bubbles.

This also serves as a way for you or your wedding party (if you decide to stay in hiding) to greet your guests as they arrive.

  1. Furry Friends in the Wedding Party

Especially if your pets are personable, like friendly dogs and cats that actually like to be held and petted, don’t just relegate them to your engagement shoot. Include them in the wedding!

Some couples who are hosting a rustic wedding include animals like horses and donkeys. An “Open Pet Policy” can also be fun if your group is small and you’re all animal lovers. Just add Fido or Fluffy as a welcome “plus one.”

  • And if not in person, then for sure…on the cake!


Affectionately Yours.com is a specialized company that will custom design your cake topper to include every 4-legged member of your new “family.” They carry many breeds of cats and dogs and will style the animals to look like yours. The above examples are from their endearing “Yours, Mine and Ours” line.

For even more planning ideas, check out our blog: http://www.davincibridal.com/blog/


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