Wedding Gown Style

They say first impressions make all the difference. Well, the very first sample wedding gown you try on will make all the difference. Even if that dress isn’t The One, we guarantee—you’ll be on a totally different planet! It’s a beautiful planet, and we want your stay there—feeling beautiful and not frustrated—during your entire weddingContinue reading

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Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions these days have come a long way from the simple traditional bouquet toss. It’s no surprise to find that the information exchange on our shrinking planet—thank you, Pinterest—has resulted in modern weddings already incorporating so many near-universal traditions that you may actually be at a loss as to what you can do atContinue reading

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Wedding Day Disasters

There is no absolutely foolproof way to have a wedding day devoid of any disaster whatsoever, no matter how meticulously you plan. With so much depending on people—including our favorite unpredictable friend, Mother Nature—you can pretty much plan on something either falling through completely, or some detail getting dinged enough to demand immediate attention. However,Continue reading

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Wedding favors

Truly great wedding favors have one or more of 4 essential qualities. They’re  either edible, practical, useful or unique—preferably all 4 combined! Some couples feel that their souvenirs are essential because they’re the most tangible connection guests will make to their wedding. For sure you’ll want your guests to love their takeaway gifts, so yourContinue reading

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