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8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date – DaVinci Bridal Blog

No matter why you had to wait, don’t let your original wedding day pass by. Celebrate with one of our 8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date.

You’re not alone when it comes to a postponed wedding, but knowing that does not make it easier to handle. When your original Big Day Date comes around, you’re bound to feel a lot of emotions—confused, sad, overwhelmed. Maybe even angry, which is also OK!

But someway, somehow, find a way to honor that wonderful day. It won’t be what you spent time & energy planning but we guarantee—you’ll be happier if you choose to honor the day in spite of unfortunate circumstances.


8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date: Ceremony Ideas

Have a “Minimony” 

Source: YouTube

Minimony is the new buzzword for a mini-ceremony. You can keep all the sentiment while still keeping everyone safe.

  • Choose a traditional venue to get married
  • Or get married at home or in the backyard
  • Invite up to 10 in-person guests (or whatever is allowed)
  • Include an officiant either live or virtual
  • First dance outside or in your living room
  • Say vows specially personalized for the day
  • Incorporate details or elements of your original theme



Commitment Ceremony

Source: weddingofficiantjacksonvillefl.com

NOTE: This won’t be a legal wedding but it does celebrate your love and devotion to one another. Just have the legal wedding at a later date.

  • Get dressed up
  • Recite your vows
  • Have the commitment ceremony with a tiny in-person crowd or
  • Host a larger virtual get-together


Say Your Original Vows: Either Commitment Ceremony or Minimony

You don’t need a formal venue to say your heartfelt vows to each other. Consider something creative like this “Happy Would Be Wedding Day” card:

Source: Etsy

  • Mail these to friends with a note
  • Use them as invitations to a virtual wedding—or a minimony
  • Write your vows inside to read to each other

TIP: Again, this won’t be a legal wedding unless you have an officiant, but they’re the perfect keepsake. You can even use them again in your formal wedding!



8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date: Dress Up for Photos

Source: herworld.com

Wear dressy duds

You don’t need to wear gowns & tuxedos, but it’ll feel more like a wedding if you dress up at least a little.


  • Suit with dress shoes
  • Sport coat, dress pants, good shoes—and a tie!


  • Your original wedding dress—or—dress up a pretty outfit with details from your original wedding day look:
  • Wear white or a version of white
  • Wear your veil or headpiece
  • Wear or carry an original wedding accessory
  • Carry a mini-version of your original bouquet in either fresh flowers or a silk keepsake


Or Wear “Something Blue” all over:

  • Get married in a blue dress
  • Add your veil if you wish
  • Carry a mini-version of your original bouquet in fresh flowers or 
  • Order a silk bouquet that’s different from the original to go with your new outfit

Fun Silk Flower Ideas:

  • Display the silk bouquet in your home in a vase or as a centerpiece or
  • Use the silk bouquet as your “throw away” bouquet at your big wedding reception down the road


8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date: Create a Beautiful Setting

Outdoor Setting

Source: Pinterest

Do Get Flowers!

If you want fresh flowers to carry:

  • Order a mini version of your bouquet
  • Or get a single bloom of the main flower in your bouquet
  • Order a small bouttoniere for him
  • Order a pretty centerpiece for the table
  • Keep it simple by getting bundles of baby’s breath & DIY a setting with a baby’s breath bouquet then arrange baby’s breath & candles for an “alter” & on the food table

Alternative: Use our Silk Flower Ideas from the “What to Wear” section


Inside Setting: Borrow Greenery—Use Plants

Source: vogue.com

  • Move all your houseplants into one place
  • Rent or borrow large ferns—or get fake tree—to fill out the space
  • Get potted plants like mums & seasonal hanging baskets that you can use outside
  • Let friends & family send you decorations


Have a Photo Shoot

Even if you’ll have fancy photos down the road, savor the moment & take pictures of everything:

  • Your attire
  • The food
  • A picture of your vows on paper—or those pretty cards
  • Pix of your drive-by wedding procession


Professional photo options:

  • Pro-quality sessions using FaceTime
  • In-person shoots that follow social distancing & group guidelines



8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date: Gifts & Guests

Have a Drive-By Wedding Procession

  • Decorate your front porch
  • Ask friends to drive through your neighborhood
  • Decorate the cars
  • Honk the horns
  • Have them take pictures
  • Get a banner!

Source: Etsy

Open a Wedding Present (or Two)

If you’ve already received gifts—or if your friends decided to get you a few things from your registry ahead of time—open a few & put them to good use now:

  • Dinnerware or china
  • A monogrammed gift
  • Something you really do need for the kitchen

NOTE: Don’t forget thank you cards! Use those pretty “Happy Original Wedding Date” cards.



8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date: Food!

Have a Fancy Meal Together

  • Order a feast of all your favorite takeout meal items
  • Support a fancier restaurant & get a carryout steak, lobster or other specialty meal
  • Pop a bottle of champagne
  • Create a custom cocktail—or make the one your caterer already had planned


Throw a Virtual Cocktail Hour

  • Schedule a Zoom call or Google Hangout
  • Tell them it’s BYOC (Bring Your Own Cocktails)
  • Have a toast—or a few!


Splurge Champagne Toast Idea:

  • Order a case of champagne splits
  • Leave the case on your porch or front door
  • Have each couple or pair of guests collect their bottle
  • On “The Big Alternative Day” everybody pops the cork—where they are!


Mini Wedding Cake or Cupcakes

  • Order a small version of your original cake from the bakery
  • Have them create just the top layer—or—a slightly larger version if you’re having in-person guests
  • Order cupcakes—or—make your own!
  • Do The Cake Smash!



8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date: Throw a Not-Your-Regular-Reception

Kick Things Off with a Drive-by Ceremony

Source: nytimes.com

  • Invite everyone to drive on over—no limits if they keep a distance
  • Have the ceremony outside
  • Do your dance outside
  • Do anything else you’d like—cut a cake outside, do a toast
  • Retire inside & call everybody up on Zoom



Throw a Virtual Game Night

  • Karaoke
  • Trivia
  • Bingo
  • Cards Against Humanity


For the Cyber-Savvy:


First Dance … then … Dance Party!

  • Move your furniture out of the way
  • Light a candle
  • Have your first dance in the living room


Party On!

  • Use the iTunes, albums or mix you had planned for your reception
  • Invite everyone to dance the night away with you


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