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How to Reschedule (Not Cancel!) Your Wedding – DaVinci Bridal Blog

Don’t ever let circumstances end your wedding plans! Hang in there, regroup & check out this guide on How to Reschedule (Not Cancel!) Your Wedding.

No matter where you are in your wedding planning—a week away, a few months away or even into next year—sometimes, you just can’t avoid changing the date. This is not the easiest decision to make, especially because you’ve already put in so much work. Changing anything right now can feel totally overwhelming.

But don’t panic! Instead—Plan!


How to Reschedule (Not Cancel!) Your Wedding: Put a Stop on Custom Orders

Source: Culture Trip


Here’s who to call & what to do Right Now

  • Florist: Ask your floral designer to hold off on orders for all fresh flowers & blooms.
  • Stationery: Ask your pro to put a stop order on anything being printed with your current wedding date.

Note: Any printed goods that do not have your date are fine.

  • Hotel room block (if you have this): Find out their cancellation policy. Even hotels that tend to be a little persnickety may be happy to know they’ll still get your business, just a little later than planned.



How to Reschedule (Not Cancel!) Your Wedding: Reschedule Your Ceremony & Reception

  • Destination wedding venue: Wait! Don’t choose a new date right away. Just take the current date off the calendar, then keep in touch with the on-site coordinator when you know more details about travel, attendance, etc.
  • Local reception & ceremony venues: Call your current venues and see what future dates they have open.

NOTE: Now is the time to be open to alternative, creative wedding days like Sundays, Fridays & off-peak wedding season months.


Important tip: Stay Flexible!

Source: Greenvelope.com


If you had planned two different sites—one for the ceremony & one for the reception—shared availability might be hard to find. Here are some ideas:

  • Have the ceremony at the reception venue
  • Have the reception at the ceremony venue
  • Have two celebrations—the ceremony on one day or evening & the reception a day or two later.

IDEA: Forget the big ceremony & have an easy, breezy, City Hall wedding whenever you want to. Then go all out for the gorgeous reception of your dreams.


If you want a religious ceremony:

  • Make it legal with a small wedding in your church or synagogue by candlelight on one evening.
  • Celebrate again with a spiritual ceremony or vow renewal at your reception before cocktail hour.

TIP: Ask your caterer to make space by waiting to set up a few dinner tables to give you room for your ceremony. Then while you’re enjoying cocktails & hors d’oeuvres with your guests, the catering staff can get everything set back into place.



How to Reschedule (Not Cancel!) Your Wedding: Reorganize & Prioritize Vendors

Source: Envira Gallery


Once you have a new date set, call your “least flexible” people first

  • Least Flexible—Photographer/Videographer: Especially if you already have your engagement photos, you’ve developed a relationship with your photographer. But because most only do one or two weddings a weekend, they can book up fast.
  • Second Least Flexible—Band, DJ, Other Entertainment: The good news here is that entertainment people network like crazy. Especially these days, they’re talking to each other & sharing ideas. Even if you can’t rebook your #1 pick, for sure, they’ll be able to help you find someone else (almost) as spectacular.
  • More Flexible—Florists, linens, rentals, bakeries, lighting & event designers: These people make your day beautiful with all their details, but they’re also used to handling more than one event in a day. So don’t tell them we said so, but honestly? These sweet, creative people are probably your least rescheduled wedding day worry!



How to Reschedule (Not Cancel!) Your Wedding: Get EVERYTHING in Writing

As you go along, narrowing down details of your new wedding plan, confirm every change in writing, even the small details.

  • Contract addendum: This guarantees that they’ll at least hold the date, if not firmly securing
  • If no contract addendum is available: Make sure you have a firm email response that you can file.

Note: Just because they don’t have a formal contract doesn’t mean they’re not reliable. Here’s where good judgment & trust comes in.

  • You send email notices to everybody: Not just the “big” details like photos & flowers, but your clergyman or officiant, musicians, anyone who’s volunteered to help you—they all need a quick note.



How to Reschedule (Not Cancel!) Your Wedding: Tell Your Guests

Source: French Wedding Style


Here’s where email & messaging is a lifesaver!

  • Personal phone calls to family & important friends: You’ll probably have done this already, but keep a list & check it twice. These people are near & dear to you, so call first. Then they can get a fun announcement (see next To Do item.)
  • Send postponement announcements: If you didn’t want to splurge on “Save the Date” cards, now’s your chance to do something fun & digital.
  • Send guests the hotel room block/flight cancellation/change info: Sure, a lot of them will do this on their own. But especially if you set up the arrangement, take the extra step & do as much for your guests as you can.



How to Reschedule (Not Cancel!) Your Wedding: Dealing With Your Wedding Dress 

Source: How to Choose Your Wedding Dress by Body Type


  • If you haven’t chosen a wedding dress yet: Lucky you! For once, you can stop kicking yourself for procrastinating.
  • Postpone alterations ASAP: If your dress is already with your retailer, call immediately to let them know of the change in plans.
  • Make arrangements for storing your dress: Depending on how far in the future your new wedding date is, your retailer may be able to keep it for you. Or, if either you or they prefer you hang onto this precious dress, ask for their best advice on how to safely store your beautiful gown until it’s time to go back to the finishing touches.



How to Reschedule (Not Cancel!) Your Wedding: Send Payment Plan Checks on Schedule

Delaying the official wedding date usually means delaying the final payments. But if you have a payment plan set up, stick to it.

  • In your best interest: It shows you’re a serious—and thoughtful—client.
  • For your vendor: Staying on financial track helps their planning as they juggle everybody else’s change in plans along with yours. A lot of people are canceling, so knowing you’ll still be with them makes you all the more valuable.



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