Great DIY Wedding

Are you considering a DIY wedding so you can customize everything yourself?  In this century, technology and modern ideas make DIY weddings easy though sometimes still a bit time-consuming.  It used to be that everyone’s wedding was DIY because weddings were intimate gatherings with loved ones.  Preparations for food, decorations, and party favors were allContinue reading

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Weddings are rich with tradition, and in some ways, they’re all the same: Two people pledging their love and loyalty in front of the people who love them the most. But the way those traditions are carried out—everything from the ceremony to the cake to the dinner and the send-off—those change all the time, andContinue reading

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Destination Demure

Whether you’re planning next year’s destination wedding, or you’re looking to escape at the last minute to a warm climate to marry the man of your dreams, you’ll love our DaVinci Informal wedding dress line. Designed especially for the bride who’s looking for a wedding gown that’s more modest, these 12 dresses are beautifully sedateContinue reading

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Sequin Evening Gowns

Glittery dresses are all the rage and bridesmaids gowns are no exception. Floor-length sequin dresses are a popular choice for everything from a formal evening affair to a fun and funky Offbeat Bride wedding. Not everyone chooses head to toe sequins, though. Also popular are dresses with a sequin bodice and a chiffon skirt whichContinue reading

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DaVinci Bridal, our flagship collection, was created for the savvy bride who wants an elegant, high-quality wedding dress at a more affordable price. Blending rich satins and laces with exquisite beading and intricate detailing, these timeless wedding dresses are designed to enhance your figure and have you feeling just as beautiful as you look. DaVinciContinue reading

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