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Engagement Ring Personalities: What the Cut of Your Ring Says About You!

Did you know that there are engagement ring personalities? Yep. And above everything else, your ring’s personality should absolutely reflect your own! So let’s have a little fun with what choosing different engagement ring personalities say about you.

According to Olivia Landau, private jewelry from New York, “It’s important to ensure that you’ll fall in love with the stone when your significant other makes the big purchase.”

But she also recommends trying different styles to see what they look and feel like on your hand.

The best news? There are no wrong choices when it comes to choosing the cut of the stone in your engagement ring.

Here are eight of the most popular cuts – in alphabetical order – and what the engagement ring personalities reveal about your own!

Engagement Ring Personalities: an Asscher Cut says “I’m Old World & Sophisticated”

If you love antiques, you’ll love the retro look of an Asscher cut. They’re very similar to emerald cut stones, and many say that an Asscher is “a square emerald.” But Asschers have step-cut facets as opposed to brilliant-cut facets. That’s what gives an Asscher its elegant, understated look.

Vintage setting with Asscher cut solitaire, trapezoid side stones, and elongated baguettes:

Source: Pinterest

Asscher cut solitaire in yellow gold with “Cadillac” cut diamonds on the shoulders:

Source: Pinterest

Asscher cut solitaire with a halo of emeralds:

Source: Estate Diamond Jewelry


Engagement Ring Personalities: A Cushion Cut Ring says “I’m Trendy & Feminine”

If you want a soft look but still crave a lot of sparkle, the brilliant facets and curved corners of a cushion cut is a perfect choice.

Cushion cut solitaire with pave shank and simple eternity band:

Source: Pinterest

Cushion cut halo solitaire in a micro-pave setting:

Source: Pinterest

Cushion cut Moissanite halo solitaire in rose gold with a pave shank & half eternity band:

Source: Pinterest

Read more: Click HERE to find out more about Moissanite, an excellent alternative to a classic diamond.


Engagement Ring Personalities: Choose an Emerald Cut Ring to show “I’m Classic but Edgy”

Elongated Emerald cuts are understated but still exude refinement and elegance.

Classic Emerald cut solitaire with trillion cut diamonds on the shoulders:

Source: Pinterest

Emerald cut solitaire in art deco setting:

Source: Pinterest

Mariah Carey’s wedding set: An Emerald cut pink diamond framed with 58 round diamonds and 2 trillion cut side stones:

Source: Pinterest

Peach Morganite Emerald cut halo solitaire with pave split shank:

Source: Pinterest

Why is Morganite so trendy? Read about it HERE


Engagement Ring Personalities: A Marquise or Pear Cut Declares “I’m a Unique, Distinct Rebel!” 

If you want a ring guaranteed to be different from everyone else’s, choose a  Pear or Marquise. Unexpected perk: Marquise and Pear cuts can help your hands look longer and more elegant!

The perfect minimalist Marquis cut solitaire:

Source: Pinterest

Double halo Marquis cut solitaire:

Source: Pinterest

Stacked wedding set in rose gold with Marquis cut halo solitaire & two pave eternity bands:

Source: Pinterest

Pear cut halo solitaire in rose gold with pave shank:

Source: Pinterest

Unique prong set half-halo Pear cut solitaire in yellow gold:

Source: Pinterest

Large Pear cut solitaire with pave split shank:

Source: Pinterest


Engagement Ring Personalities: Choose an Oval Cut because “I’m Classic & Artistic & Ahead of the Trends” 

One of the most up and coming diamond shapes, the Oval cut is ahead of its time but still has a timeless appeal.

The perfect stackable minimalist Oval cut solitaire shown with a pave wedding ring in the background:

Source: Pinterest

Vintage-inspired conflict free “Rachael” Oval cut halo solitaire in rose gold from Ken & Dana Designs:

Source: Ken & Dana Design

A rose gold stacked set to die for!

Oval cut solitaire in Tiffany setting with faceted rose gold wedding band & zigzag baguette cut eternity band:

Source: Pinterest


Engagement Ring Personalities: Your Radiant Cut Ring will Sing “I Love Beautiful, Bubbly Bling” 

Brilliant-cut facets and a rectangular shape guarantees that your Radiant cut ring will have all the flash and sparkle that you crave! Tip: Radiant cuts rock in vintage settings!

Radiant cut solitaire with vintage style stones on the shoulders:

Source: Pinterest

Handmade platinum Radiant cut 5-stone band:

Source: Pinterest

The Radiant cut ring to end all rings! 3 carat Radiant Cut yellow diamond in 18 kt white gold with half-moon side diamonds:

Source: Pinterest


Engagement Ring Personalities: If You’re “Timeless & Classic” then Yours is a Round Cut Ring

This look is traditional, truly will ever go out of style, and offers the maximum possible sparkle.

Classic Tiffany set Round cut solitaire:

Source: Pinterest

Just what is a “Tiffany” setting? It has nothing to do with the stone and everything to do with the specifications of the setting. Read more HERE courtesy of Quality Diamonds.

Just for fun: Can you tell the difference? Round cut floating diamond solitaire with three small diamonds on each shoulder:

Source: Joy of London Jewels

This is a Russian Lab Diamond! And it’s real! Read all about lab diamonds HERE courtesy of Brilliant Earth.


And for sure, there’s an eternity band for every cut, too!

Source: Pinterest

If you want some ideas from the British Royals rings, everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Meghan Markle, Click HERE to read Royal Wedding Inspiration: British Royal Family Engagement Rings

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