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20 Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds – DaVinci Bridal Blog

Even if you had your wedding guests fill out little “date ideas” on your wedding day, you may still find something new in these date night ideas for newlyweds. And remember: Date “night” can happen in the daytime, too, especially if you have busy schedules.

And remember: Date “night” can happen in the daytime, too, especially if you have busy schedules.

We found dates for every type of weather. Some of the ideas are romantic, others are a little challenging, and the ones that cost a little bit of money can be done without putting a hole in your budget!


Athletic Outdoor Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds


Source: Pinterest


Cruise your neighborhood or make it an adventure & pack a lunch.  Not sure where to find a great bike trail? Click HERE for traillink.com’s search guide.




Source: Pinterest

Keep it light and fun or make a day of it. Click HERE for a terrific article on 11 Items to Pack for Day Hiking




Source: Pinterest

If you just want to watch, good old Wikipedia has a guide to the coolest skateboard parks. Click HERE to go to the page.




Source: Pinterest

Whether you just want to have fun at the local pool or beach, this is a cute article if one of you is serious about the sport — fun to read even if you’re already married! Click HERE to read Guidelines for Dating a Swimmer



Athletic Indoor Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds

Indoor Rock Climbing

Source: Pinterest

If you’ve never tried the sport, Click HERE for Popular Mechanic’s article 10 Pro Tips for Rock Climbing Beginners



Couples Yoga

Source: Shape.com

If your guy thinks yoga is “just for girls” have him check out Rodney Yee! In the meantime, here’s a fun routine to do together: Click HERE to read about a Couples Yoga Routine Your Guy Will Actually Love



Wintertime Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds

Play in the Snow

Source: Pinterest

We don’t need to give you “tips” on how to have fun in a white winter wonderland!



Ice Skating

Source: Pinterest

If you’ve never skated before, or you know you’re clumsy on the ice, find an indoor rink with a railing to hang onto!



Summertime Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds


Source: Pinterest

If your guy is into fishing, he’ll love to teach you. Just don’t scream when you see him bait the hook with a real worm!




Source: Pinterest

A leisurely paddle down a pretty stream … What could be more romantic? If one or both of you is new to canoeing, Click HERE for these 10 Basic Canoeing Tips



Rainy Day Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds

Mall Crawl Window Shopping

Source: Pinterest

So the weather rained on your picnic or a heat wave softened up the skating pond. Or maybe you just want to check out a movie at the $1 matinee.

Tip: To stick to window shopping and not be tempted, take only enough money for one pretzel or one drink or the $1 for the movie!



Visit a Museum

Source: Pinterest

Choose something you’re both interested in – art, science, even a local aquarium.



Start a 2-Person Book Club

Source: 9ightout.com

This does sound different, doesn’t it? Click HERE to check out Book Riot’s Two-Person Book Club ideas.


Don’t want to start a club? How about a date at the library? Click HERE for bustle.com’s 5 Reasons Libraries are the Best Place for a Date



Romantic Daytime Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds

Picnic (with LOTS of Pillows!)

Source: Pinterest

Raid the pantry & pack a lunch for just the two of you or make it a
“potluck picnic” double date!



Photoshoot Day

Source: Pinterest

Take a tip from Gavin Hoey’s 15 Minute Photo Challenge and see how many silly pictures you can take of each other.



Practical Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds; Cooking!

Cook Dinner Together

Source: Popsugar.com

The honeymoon doesn’t end for an entire year, you know! And ya gotta eat. Why not make trying out recipes a date night thing? These recipes have a little of everything; Fancy impressive dishes, pizza and even cocktails.

Click HERE to read the entire article What to Cook When You’re Married



Bake Cookies for Two

Source: Dinners Dishes & Desserts

Click HERE for the recipe from Dinners Dishes & Desserts



Romantic Evening Date Night Ideas for Newlyweds

Binge Watch Netflix or Amazon

Source: Rebelcircus.com

Click HERE for Insider.com’s best binge-worthy Netflix series.




Source: Pinterest

Click HERE for Inthesky.org’s guide to what you can see in the sky you your area!



Ballroom Dancing

TAKE THE LEAD, Katya Virshilas, Antonio Banderas, (foreground), 2006, (c) New LineSource: Google



The last thing ballroom dancing is is boring! Just find a dance club that has free classes and then an open dance party afterwards.

Some will cost a little money, but plenty of the classes are free.

If you still need convincing, check out Take the Lead:



Best Date Night Idea for Newlyweds: Get to Know Each Other Even Better

Source: Etsy

You don’t have to be “busy” to have a wonderful date. And if you want a lovely memento, you can get a copy of this pretty painting for only $16!


If you love the movie 50 First Dates, why not make your first year together just as special? Click HERE to read Marie Claire’s ideas for 50 Unconventional First Dates

Source: Marie Claire


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